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Wood Briquettes

In July 2011 we launched a modern line for the production of organic material which is RUF fuel wood briquettes . Briquette is well suited for combustion in cooking stoves, central heating and fireplaces. In briquette manufacturing we use dry sawdust from our sawmill production which is flattened under high pressure. There are three original German RUF machineries working our company, which produce 1000 tons of briquette per month.

Briquette contains no binding substances, has excellent energetic properties, and during its combustion it leaves only a small amount of ash. Due to the fact it is 100% organic fuel material, it is gaining more popularity. Our briquettes passed laboratory tests at the Institute of Wood Technology, which have been attested with a certificate. The quality of our product has been recognized by clients from Germany, Denmark, Sweden and other countries.

We invite you to read the specification details of the briquette. 

Specification Details

Form kostka RUF ( wymiar: 15,4 x 10 x 6,5 cm )
Material trociny z drzew liściastych i iglastych
Heat value 17 MJ/ kg
Ash content 0,52 %  
Humidity 7,5 %


Packaging description

one foiled pack
12 pcs  = 10 kg
one foiled pallet 96 packs = 1152 pcs  = 960 kg
one delivery 25-27 pallets
( one cube = 0,833 kg )